Anryze call tracking is a service for making calls, recording them, translating voice into text and analyzing calls as well as evaluating the quality of work of managers who make calls.

Year 2017

Analyze the existing tracking interface. Identify problematic interaction points for all user groups with the system. Develop a new UX and UI.

User group

A user who has full access to all system functions. It has quotas for viewing calls of each Manager, Analytics, efficiency factor, and transcript of all calls. The Manager can add new managers and delete them. It also can add mandatory or forbidden words that affect the effectiveness of the call.

The user who makes the calls. It could be an operator, the contact center, the employee of the Sales Department, technical operator support, etc., the system evaluates the quality of call managersand makes statistics.

Interface analysis

After conducting interviews with users and stakeholders, as well as a detailed review of the existing design, problems of user interaction with the system were found, namely: the inability to work comfortably without additional training, complicated functionality for simple actions, it is difficult to make and record calls, there is no focus on essential elements in users.


Based on the results of the research, user scenarios were created, and a prototype was developed. We also tested them on all user groups.

UI Design

Requirements: the interface should not be visually overloaded, the color scheme is neutral colors, modern visual style. After talking with stakeholders, we gathered together a small mood board and began to develop a graphical interface.

Quality work of managers

The main page of the head is the quality control of managers. View a list of all calls with the ability to filter, detailed analysis of the call, listen to the recording of the conversation, an overview of General statistics. The Manager can evaluate the performance of managers by specific metrics.

Managing of managers

Director can manage managers, add new ones, and delete existing ones. The page displays general information about the employee, the overall assessment, the calls made.

Work of managers

The Manager has limited functionality relative to the director. He makes calls and works with the customer contact base.

Adaptive version

An adaptive version of the interface has been developed for the convenience of working in different conditions