Kinokassa is a service that unites different cinemas across the country. Users can buy and book movie tickets. To get acquainted with the novelties in the field of cinema and follow the news.

Since 2015

The main objective of the project is to unite cinemas from different cities of the country in one application and provide users with the opportunity to choose a movie and buy tickets. The app should include the ability to purchase and book tickets, read news from the film industry, provide bonuses and discounts for customers, store tickets on devices.

Develop UI Design

When you first log in to the application, the user selects his city and is authorized.
It was decided to use simplified authorization using the phone number and SMS confirmation code.

Main section

The main section is a list of movies. Users can see available sessions in theaters, find out the information and rating of the film, and watch the trailer.

Ticket reservation

The user selects the appropriate session and seats in the hall. After selecting seats, the user can buy a ticket immediately or reserve it and pay at the checkout.


The service informs its customers about various news in the field of cinemas,
film industry, and promotions.


One of the essential functions of the service is to store and display tickets on the device. This feature automates the process of buying and booking tickets, as well as significantly minimizes queues in cinemas.