Good choice

Good choice is b2c, b2b service that helps users save money when buying products, through personal promotions and offers. The platform integrates retail networks into one application. It provides users with the ability to keep abreast of all events in favorite stores and throughout the retail network, view product details and price dynamics, make a shopping list and save on products.

For 2018 – 2020

Tasks and goals

Develop product design, a mobile application that helps users save money on shopping in supermarkets, get great deals from retailers, have access to more than 20,000 products in retailers, view the range of pricing, be aware of the range of products in stores, and control the budget. One of the essential tasks is to increase commodity and financial literacy.

Business goals

Traffic attraction through personal price offers. Increase the frequency of purchases in a particular retail network with the ability to reach self-sufficiency. To improve the quality of informing customers about the actions of the retail company, thereby indirectly increasing the frequency of purchases in grocery stores.

Case studies

We conducted a quantitative analysis of shopping behavior in supermarkets and found that only 20% of customers buy products in one chain, and 50% of customers buy half of the grocery basket in other stores.

The profitability of retail after a number of legislative tightening in russia fell from 12 to 3%. After the crisis of 2013, the purchasing power of the population fell by two times. Large retail chains began to expand the market, killing the average retail huge discounts. Sending promotions sms on the customer base costs 2 million rubles per month (for 4 mailings), and the conversion to purchase is not more than 2%.

Users survey

We also conducted user surveys and found that customers have favorite stores and want to buy discounted items as often as possible. However, they cannot quickly check the promotions in stores, do not wish to receive mailings for each promotion sms message, which affects the purchasing power.


We conducted analytical work and identified the main types of users. The primary audience is young and middle-aged office workers, students, engineers, business people, and housewives who appreciate affordable prices for goods, prefer quality goods and are not willing to spend a lot of time shopping.

User flow

We have compared the results of studies and users needs with business goals and developed different user scenarios. We obtained the preliminary structure of the application by applying the "speed fix method."


It took us a long time before developing the prototype to carefully work through the user scenarios and identify the main sections in the application. We had a flexible user audience and made optimal functionality that covers essential user needs.


One of the leading business requirements was to develop a modern stylistic solution for the application, and users should experience visual comfort and focus on the content. We decided to create a visual design based on the brand book of the product, but with some adaptation.


We found that the process of introducing the product into retail networks causes some users questions about the functionality of the mobile application. Therefore, we decided to hedge and for all new users to demonstrate the key features of the product.

Main section

On the main screen is the necessary content for customer's personalized discounts, promotions, and bonuses. Log in to the application is carried out using the bonus card of the retail network, the system analyzes the buying behavior of the user and provides relevant offers.

Shopping list

The shopping list solves the problem of users associated with the organization and planning shopping. Users can create lists for different events, share with friends, and keep a list at the same time with other users. Each item displays information about the product and its availability in the selected store.


This section helps users to find out detailed information about the product, see the rating on the healthiness table, check the availability in their store, and the availability in stores of other retailers. Users can leave feedback and rate the product.


The app brings together retailers across the country and gives users access to 20 000+ products with current prices. Access to current prices solves users' problems with preparing for shopping.


Users have access to an extensive database of popular recipes from runet. The idea of creating this section was that users could not only develop culinary skills but also pick up a recipe at a total cost in retail chains and distribute the budget for cooking.


Each purchase in the retail network is recorded and displayed in the finance section. Users can see their spending in supermarkets, the amount of money saved, as well as the dynamics of expenditure for the year for certain goods.


More than 20,000 downloads in the app store and play market. The average frequency of purchases by store visitors increased by 10%. The added profit of retail from the product is $ 25 000 per month. $2.40 per month to 1 retail network profit per mobile app user. Each user of the mobile application makes purchases 10% more often in the retail network. The total effect for retail today ~ $50 000 per month.

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