Personal gym assistant helps users choose and plan your training sessions based on a person's physical characteristics. According to a selected program, users can train with a personal trainer, buy ready-made training programs, and monitor their physical activity.

For 2020

Business goals

Develop an automated tool for personal training in the gym that will help athletes plan and monitor their training program. Trainers should see and monitor the activity and physical indicators of each user.

Direct communication between athletes and coaches should be provided: messaging and multimedia, evaluation of completed exercises, purchase, and personal training kits.

Business pains

A team of trainers develops general and personal training sessions using excel. Each athlete is also monitored in the tables. This is a complex and slow process, as athletes also have to download tables with a training plan and work out in the gym with printed sheets or gadgets. Communication takes place in different messengers.


I participated in teamwork with a stakeholder, manager, marketer, and developers. We have divided the main development process into 6 stages for a productive result.

Prototypes and testing

After conducting interviews with users and stakeholders, we developed the first version of the mobile app architecture. After that, we developed a prototype that was tested in the field by real users. We were able to test hypotheses about user scenarios and understand how effectively users achieve their goals.

App launch

When users log in to the app for the first time, they should have an idea of the product. We have identified 3 of the main features and added them.

Main section

The main section includes all the necessary statistics of the users' physical activity and displays current training sessions' status. Based on the user's physical characteristics, the system recommends optimal training programs.

Workout programs

A team of trainers creates the author's training programs for various purposes. Each user can try this, but users should first specify the current physical parameters to prevent congestion.


The training diary helps users plan their training sessions at a convenient time for the client. Before each training session, the user indicates their state of health to optimally distributes the load.


Users can analyze the dynamics of training and physical indicators. Actual physical data helps to see the process of development of athletes fully.

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