Service for organization and planning of tourist programs without intermediaries and additional fees, the platform combines the proposals of tour operators and hotel owners. It provides an opportunity for tourists to collect a unique tourist program or choose a ready-made one.

For 2017 – 2019


All group non-charter tours are 10-30% more expensive due to the presence of intermediaries between the organizer of the group tour and the final performer of the trip.

According to a report by phocuswright, 80% of tourists buy fun on the spot. All of them face the problem of choosing a provider of quality services at a fair price.

The minimum cost of a tourist web system starts from $ 15,000. 95% of the small travel companies can't afford such expenses, and the lack of a website makes it impossible to compete with big business.

Business goals

Hotel owners want to earn more by promoting additional services more effectively, as well as eliminate the fraudulent actions of the staff.

The needs of travel companies to offer high-quality advertising channels, operational interaction with customers, and competition with big business. Sell vacation entertainment through a reliable sales channel without massive margins.

Structure of the Palmarius service

During the research, we analyzed the target audience of tourists and tour operators and identified problem points.

Result of users interview

Prototypes and testing

We have developed prototypes based on user needs and considered the problem points identified in user interviews and other research. We tested the prototypes on tourists' user audience and conducted field testing with tour operators and hotel owners.

Start page

We have divided the main page into three main parts - a search form for tourist programs, information about the service, and special offers from partners. In this way, we conveyed the service's main message to users and gave them a simple opportunity to start their journey.

For tourists

This page shows the results of the search for ready-made travel programs. When searching for travel programs, users receive relevant offers from all partners and recommended options. The system analyzes all events in the vicinity of the specified point of arrival and offers users. A flexible filter helps tourists to choose a tour taking into account many details and wishes.

For business

The service provides a set of tools for administration, sales, and promotion of services: tour operators, hotel owners, restaurateurs, and local shop owners. Services are sold directly to tourists using the service. Palmarius only combines them into a ready-made tourist program.

Mobile version

According to testing, about 43% of users works with a mobile device. We have kept all the features of the desktop version for precise and convenient use.

Mobile version
Distributed computing network

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