With the prostar service's help, users can order a video greeting or an appeal from famous personalities of music, cinema, sports, show business. The key feature is the release of congratulations within a few days.

For 2018 – 2019

Tasks and goals

To design a media platform interface for desktop and mobile devices that will allow users to order video greetings automatically easily. The user should get available information about the celebrity, a simple application form and the ability to track the order.

It was also necessary to develop an application design for a group of performers. Performers should be able to see a list of new and completed orders, upload work, and withdraw funds.


Based on business requirements and research, we have developed an information architecture for the website and mobile application. We took into account the problem points of business and users. The obtained structure to develop prototypes.


At the design stage, scenarios of user interaction with the application and the site were discussed and tested. The development of the project took three iterations, after which we came to the optimal result.

Artist selection

When ordering, users select the contractor and fill in the details of the order. Each artist has a dynamic price, which depends on the complexity and volume of content. After ordering, the application sends to the manager, and after checking, the user receives the exact time and price.

Create account

Minimized registration for users. After creating an account, the user has access to the advanced functionality of the service.

Order list

The list of orders includes all orders that are active and completed. After the new ordering, the user can see the details and pay for the order.


Payment is made by card. After paying for the order, the user can watch the video preparation process. The finished video uploaded to the order details; the user can rate the quality of the work, save to the device, and share the video on social networks.

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